Department of Educational Foundation
Department of Educational Foundation

The Department of Educational Foundations prides itself in preparing graduate and undergraduate students for positions as university teachers, researchers, counselors, psychologists, administrators, special educators, and measurement and evaluation specialists. Our goal first and foremost, is to prepare our students for the future. We strive to give them the analytical, intellectual and personal skills necessary for them to be successful across a broad range of endeavours. We have a long tradition of excellence and have remained as one of the top Departments in the university.
The Department has an enviable well-furnished offices which are located at the South Campus (Old Site) overlooking the cool Atlantic Ocean. We have very experience faculty members who constantly interact with students. We take deep interest in our students and we take pride in their achievements. We take teaching seriously and we believe that the education of our future professional is essential to our mission.
We conduct research in general education, special and inclusive education, counseling, measurement and evaluation and psychology. The Department has core strength in child and adolescent development, counseling psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, educational statistics, measurement and evaluation, special and inclusive education and research methodology.
Join us and we will stimulate your creativity and intellectual curiosity as well as challenge you to grow into a broad based professional, capable of solving complex societal problems. I can confidently assure you, based on my long years of experience in the Department that if you come to the Department of Educational Foundations you will never regret it. It will be exciting enlightening and exhilarating experience. Explore what we have here in the Department.

The University of Cape Coast started with the Department of Educational Foundations in 1962. The Department was entrusted with providing professional education to would-be teachers in the basic and secondary schools in the country. In previous years, the Department focused on the training of educational professionals in Educational Psychology, Special education, Educational Measurement, Guidance and Counselling, and Social Foundations of Education and produced graduates with Bachelor of Education degrees in Psychology. It also trained teachers with specialization in educational psychology for appointments at the Senior High Schools and the Colleges of Education.

Currently, the Department of Educational foundations offers professional courses to undergraduate students of the Faculty of Education and runs the Bsc. Psychology programme in response to the increasing need to produce specialists in psychology to service the needs of the heath and security service and other sectors of the economy. The Bsc. Psychology programme offers a good opportunity for its graduates to fit in all sectors of the economy including the education sector. Graduates of the Bsc Psychology have found themselves fitting in all sectors of the economy including health, security and education. In the offing is the B.Ed Special Education programme.


To be the backbone of excellence in all facets of education, psychology and research in the University



Provide high calibre education professionals for the education sector and train specialists in Psychology who will provide diverse psychological services to society including education.

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  • Ethical and Responsible Behaviour
  • Academic Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Develop your analytical and critical reflective thinking through our current programmes  
  • Equip you to understand human behaviour and work environment
  • Enable you to apply techniques of behavioral sciences for personal development
  • Develop sound educational competencies in leadership
  • Develop skills in teaching and research


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